Roman Reigns Put to Shame as Seth Rollins Scores a Unique Record Despite the Former Being the ‘Dominant’ World Champion

In Roman Reigns' two-month absence, Seth Rollins has taken the spotlight, surpassing Reigns in key areas despite Reigns being the current WWE World Champion. Let's delve into this unexpected development.

Seth Rollins establishes himself as no.1

During Roman Reigns' absence, Seth Rollins has shone with nine Premium Live Events this year compared to Reigns' six, positioning Rollins at 9-6. This deals a blow to Reigns, the reigning World Champion for over 1,000 days. Rollins also dethroned him in the PWI ratings.

Seth Rollins Tops PWI Rankings

PWI names Seth Rollins the 2023 top pro wrestling star, replacing last year's Roman Reigns. Rollins gets this honor for his star power, marketability, and fan appeal, evident in sold-out shows and a heartfelt tribute to Bray Wyatt.

Roman Reigns' Limited Appearances Explained

Roman Reigns' reduced appearances result from his 2022 contract, a family-oriented decision after a decade on the road. While he won't be in every event, Paul Heyman hints at a significant collaboration. Seth Rollins has taken the spotlight, dethroning Reigns as the top pro wrestling star in 2023, leaving fans curious about their future in WWE.

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