Heaviest Wrestlers Chokeslammed by
The Undertaker

The Undertaker is called many things and Powerhouse is one of them. The 'Phenom' has shown time and again that no one can size up to him even if its giants!

Check out the heaviest wrestlers put down by
the undertaker

Mark Henry

The Undertaker has chokeslammed the 'World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry with ease several times. Mind you, Henry is 6'1" and weighed over 400lbs at the time

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Big SHow

Even the 'World's Largest Athlete' Big Show proved to be no big deal for The Undertaker. Can you believe that? Big Show is 7 feet tall and about 450lbs!

Credit: YouTube/Youngtusk

The Great Khali

The Undertaker stunned the WWE Universe when he chokeslammed, The Great Khali who stands at over 7 feet tall and weighed almost 400lbs

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Braun Strowman

The 'Phenom' confirmed age is just a number when he effortlessly chokeslammed the 6'8", 385lbs Braun Strowman just 4 days before his 52nd birthday!

Credit: YouTube/WWE


The Undertaker's half-brother Kane has been at the receiving end of several chokeslams and tombstones from the him. Just so you know, Kane is 7 feet tall and 330 lbs

Credit: YouTube/WWE

aka Viscera/big daddy v

King Mabel

Undertaker had the habit of taking the souls of giants from early in his career. The 'Phenom' pulled off an insane feat of strength, chokeslamming the 6'9", 500lbs King Mabel in 1995

Credit: YouTube/WWE