"This Is Really Special": Dominik Mysterio Shows Indelible Love for Rhea Ripley Through an Ink Tribute

WWE star Dominik Mysterio and Australian sensation Rhea Ripley share a deeper bond, recently unveiling a shared tattoo symbolizing their connection.

A Tattoo of Genuine Affection

Dominik, aka 'Dirty Dom,' revealed a profound personal connection that extends beyond wrestling during an appearance on WWE Tattooed. He showcased a wrist tattoo, a 'weighing scale' symbolizing 'judgment,' which holds a special place in his heart. 

 A Shared Idea

The remarkable aspect of this tattoo lies in its origin. Rhea Ripley, Mysterio's on-screen partner, conceived the idea for a shared tattoo that symbolizes their group's unity. She even personally designed the tattoo. Mysterio stressed that this ink represents more than a mere mark on the skin; it embodies the mantra, "Crew is always with me."

 A Heartfelt Preference

Mysterio's strong connection to his stable and Ripley's designed tattoo is clear. In a podcast on In The Kliq, he openly appreciated his current teammates and supported removing Edge from the group, seeing it as beneficial for everyone.

In the intense world of wrestling rivalries, Mysterio's tattoo tribute to Rhea stands as a heartwarming reminder of genuine connections within and beyond the ring.

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