16 Days Before Olympia, Coach Greg Come Up With Big Statement on German Bodybuilding Dethroning 4-Time Winner Chris Bumstead

 The famed Mr. Olympia competition is days away and bodybuilding fans are eagerly waiting for the same. The four times Mr. Olympia is battling his way despite illness in the Classic Physique category. But besides others, the German bodybuilder Urs Kalecinski appears to be a formiddable challenge. Let’s explore IFBB coach Greg Doucette sharing his views about the same. 

 Greg Doucette on German bodybuilder’s chances

 Greg recently shared his two cents about Urs winning in the Classic Physique category. He said, “URS Kalecinski is going to be dethroning Chris Bumstead, or is he? Well, URS ain’t scared. URS made a video and posted his physique.

Further he added, "everybody is talking about the guy is absolutely shredded.” 

 Urs Kalecinski roars with confidence 

 In a video earlier, the German bodybuilder had opined that everyone in the Classic physique category was fighting for the second place. 

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