“You’re Not Gonna Hit New Bests”: Days After IFBB Pro Calls Out His Body Dysmorphia, Bodybuilder Defends His Stance

Published 05/19/2023, 1:00 AM EDT

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The Canadian weightlifter, Greg Doucette recently shared a past video from Alex Eubank’s page and criticized him. Doucette took a video of Eubank where he thinks his shoulders are not reaching their maximum volume. Even though he has been eating well and working out for long enough. He is also seen saying, “I’m looking fat” in his video.

Eubank got back at Doucette’s comments and addressed all the criticisms made against him by the IFBB pro bodybuilder.

How did Eubank get back at Doucette?


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In Eubank’s recent YouTube upload, Alex puts up a video replying to Greg’s criticism of his past video. He begins the video by saying that he is replying to his criticism, which does not mean they are not friends. However, at times, one must take a stand for ourselves when others try to get you down. And Eubank did the same


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When Eubank gets accused of having body dysmorphia, he claims he is as much in love with his physique as others are. He just wishes to acquire a more shredded version of himself. That is his current goal, and this does not mean that he loathes his own body. When Doucette says it is important to be satisfied with your body and know that you are doing your best, Alex comes back with another counterattack. He says, “If you’re satisfied with your own physique, you don’t really have a driving factor other than discipline to continue to keep going.” He adds, “Discipline is important, but you’re not gonna hit new bests on everything. If you are too satisfied, you become complacent more easily.”


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What does Doucette say about Eubank?

Doucette, analyzing Alex’s video, says that he has body dysmorphia. He continues to pick up snippets from Eubank’s videos and constantly speaks against whatever his goal is to achieve or what he has to convey to his fans. Greg also states that Alex feels the way he is feeling because he is comparing himself to people who compete in taking performance-enhancing drugs. However, Alex counterattacks the statement and states that he himself is his only competitor.

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Who do you think is right here? Is it correct for Doucette to have labeled Eubank as someone who has body dysmorphia?

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