“You Said “F$&K Your Freedom”: Despite Apologizing, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Past Still Haunts Him as He Urges Fans to Watch His First Ever Netflix Series

Published 05/19/2023, 1:14 AM EDT

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May 25th marks a significant day for Arnold Schwarzenegger fans worldwide as the release of his first-ever Netflix series, ‘FUBAR,’ is just around the corner. As the release date of the Netflix series approaches, the anticipation is reaching new heights as fans are eager to see Schwarzenegger’s return. However, despite the excitement surrounding the show, the bodybuilding star and actor recently found himself in a tough position for the controversial statement he made almost two years back. In 2021, The Austrian Oak made a bold remark about individual freedom that received significant backlash. While it has been a while since the statement was made, the ghosts of the past are back to haunt the Terminator. 

The former governor of California recently posted a unique photo urging fans to watch his upcoming Netflix original series. However, the post grabbed the global limelight the comments section of the post became a field of contention between Arnold’s fans and critics for his past statements. 

Fans react to the request of Arnold Schwarzenegger


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In his latest Instagram post, the action star shared a picture of himself standing in front of a stop signboard, urging his fans to “please add FUBAR to their list and move along.” Despite the anticipation surrounding his latest Netflix project, the controversy surrounding Schwarzenegger’s statement from August 2021 still lingers. Some fans reminded him of the comment he made. 

A fan wrote, “Bro! You said “F$&k your Freedom” telling people to take the jab!” However, a fan felt that the Governator owes people an apology. “I’d love to but I think you owe your unvaccinated fan group an apology for your disgusting speech during “the pandemic, “ the fan wrote. Few people revealed how Arnie’s comment damaged his own image during that time. “All respect for Arnie is lost”, a fan wrote.


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However, a few Arnold fans believed that the legend has already cleared his stance and shouldn’t give any explanation to anyone. A fan wrote, “Doesn’t owe anyone anything”. Fans also expressed their excitement for the Austrian Oak’s upcoming project. “FUBAR has been on my list since day one! The 25th can’t come quick enough!!” a fan wrote.

What was the controversial statement?


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The popular actor and the former governor of California has always been an influential figure. However, his advocacy for public health measures during the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to have rubbed some fans the wrong way. His bold statement, “Scr*w your freedom,” while answering to the anti-maskers had adverse effects as the bodybuilder was criticized for undermining an individual’s liberty. 

The actor has since clarified his remarks, emphasizing that he supports individual freedoms but believes in taking necessary precautions during a global health crisis. He tweeted, “I’m sorry for saying those words.” However, his explanation has not completely quelled the criticism. However, it would be crucial to see whether this long hatred against the bodybuilding champion would impact the viewership of his upcoming project. 


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