76YO Arnold Schwarzenegger Has “Madness Going On” in His “Kitchen” Every Morning

It seems Arnold and his now ex-wife, Shriver, have done an incredible job with their kids. And, with time, all his kids have moved out to pursue their dreams, yet he reveals that their home is still chaotic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about running a wild household 

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently discussed how, despite no longer living with his children, his kitchen is still in utter chaos, but, well, that’s what he loves. Every morning, while he feeds his dogs cookies, his pig comes in and sits for a cookie.

He says, “So the pig runs off screaming loud, and the dogs run off, and so there’s all this theatrics and this madness going on in my kitchen, just before I even go on my bicycle ride and go and work out in the gym.”

He adds, “So, all of this happens between 6 and 7 in the morning. So we have had a lot of fun with those animals.” However, despite all this, he has to keep some of them locked up.

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