After Selling His Rare Cars to Build
Multi-Million Dollar Worth, Jay Cutler Gets to Drive $54,000 Car After Two Years

One of the most accomplished bodybuilders in this field is Jay Cutler. He disproved the idea that bodybuilders are merely pretending to be intelligent. After conquering the bodybuilding industry, he began his million-dollar business to disprove this. He made a reputation in bodybuilding and introduced the world to luxury throughout the years. The renowned bodybuilder has owned several vehicles over his life. At age 14, he purchased his first vehicle, a 1981 Toyota Corolla. A Mazda RX7, a Corvette, and a Porsche Turbo 911 were among the genuinely fantastic automobile types he later acquired.

Jay Cutler revealed about diesel Suburban

The Former Mr. Olympia made thoughtful choices when making his acquisitions despite having a 740 BMW, a 750 BMW, a Jaguar, a Porsche, and two Hummer Trucks. Cutler recently stated in a video that he had to wait more than two years to receive his new Chevrolet diesel vehicle.

What Culter said about the car

He said, “I got my new Suburban, my diesel Suburban, which shouts out to AV Chevy. You guys took great care of me. I get like 30 miles a gallon to that thing, although diesel is super expensive right now.” He shared in his video that he was driving a lot these days. However, diesel fuel is currently costly, so despite the excellent mileage, one might spend too much due to high diesel prices.

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