Amidst Last Moment Prep for Mr. Olympia 2023, Brandon Curry Makes Time To Cheer for His Football Superstar Son

As Brandon Curry is currently preparing for the much-awaited Mr. Olympia 2023, he recently shared a clip from his personal life where his son can be seen playing football. Despite not walking on the same road as his father, Brandon seems to be proud of his kid.

Brandon Curry shows immense support for his son via an Instagram post

Curry, who is married to Brandy Leaver, has four kids. In his recent Instagram post, Curry posted his son Maximus Curry’s clip from a football match. The 13-year-old plays for the Blackman Youth Football team as a linebacker or running back. Posting clips of Maximus tackling as well as catching a pass, Brandon appreciated his son in the caption.

He wrote, “I see you 6!!! Way to play like a CHAMP @maximuscurry. Like the saying goes, big-time players make big-time plays! You’ve always been good for that!” He continued by thanking the man behind the camera for taking such good videos. “Shout out to the homie @desh2t @letsball for his talents behind the lens,” Curry wrote.

Even though Maximus has no plans to compete in bodybuilding as of now, he did start his weight training journey a while back with a professional trainer.

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