Inspired by Mike Mentzer’s Heavy-Duty Style, 6X Mr. Olympia Shared a Throwback “Blood and Guts” Workout

In the realm of bodybuilding, it is essential to follow the most rigorous training regimens that would highlight one's dedication and any potential outcomes. Before noticeable benefits may be seen, years of intense concentration and persistence are required. One of the finest bodybuilders of all time is the 61-year-old Englishman Dorian Yates, who made sure to perform the most difficult exercises as part of their preparation for the top. Additionally, Yates recently posted an old Instagram video of himself exercising.

Dorian Yates recalls a glorious time in his career

Yates just posted on Instagram some clips from the "golden training" era. Dorian Yates is observed engaging in dumbbell curling with almost as much fascination as Mike Mentzer did in this area. Yates says in the caption that he has used dumbbells for exercises throughout his career, including sitting, standing, and even concentration curls. In his journal, he stated, "My form and emphasis on each aspect of the movement was impeccable."

Yates reveals the trick to constructing a magnificent body

The caption further went on to discuss the secret tip Yates dedicates to his virtual clients and followers. He informed everyone to put stress on their biceps. It would rotate the “wrist at the top” which in turn would level the little finger across one’s arm. He further mentioned, “This’ll help put extra emphasis on the muscle, and remember to squeeze your bicep at the top of the movement.“

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