Mysterious Fortnite Secrets Fans Took Years to Discover

Fortnite's rise to prominence brought forth new modes of online gaming. Here are 5 hidden secrets within the expansive game that fans may have overlooked during their journey.

5. Prison Cell Mystery

In Chapter Two, a calendar with two highlighted dates sparked speculation. One was a birthday, the other an X. Fans waited for the X date, but nothing happened. A developer later revealed it was his daughter's birthday.

4. Dog Tags for SKINS

Initially, all skins in Fortnite had dog tags. Epic removed them without notice. It was a small detail many players missed.

3. The Island Flip Teaser

Epic foreshadowed the island flip long ago. In the Chapter 2 finale, John Jones dives into the zero point. The camera flips to show the island, hinting at what's to come.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Feature

Fans suspected The Rock was the Foundation, and a year later, their suspicions were confirmed, breaking the Internet.

1. Brite Bomber’s Glider

The Bright Bomber combo, released in 2019, was a popular choice for players. 4 years later, it was discovered that pressing the shoot button while wearing the set would launch rainbow rockets from the glider.

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