After crossingone million sales worldwide Street fighter VI breaks another historical record

street fighter VI launched recently to a universal critical acclaim. Within a month The game is already at 1 million units sold which is insane for a fighting game. Above all It has gone on to break yet another record!

the famitsu milestone

Famitsu magazine is considered to be one of the most prestigious gaming magazines in Japan. They hardly give perfect scores. This game has gone on to get a perfect 40 score on Famitsu!

its not a small thing

It is not a small thing either. Famitsu very rarely hands out perfect scores. They have a very strict rating system and it hardly allows for a generous handout.

only one other game received this score last month

Previously, this high score was rewarded to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This game launched in May and was a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

famitsu sure has a type

It appears Famitsu mostly considers Japanese games for a perfect score. Only western games to receive such score were Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V and Ghost of Tsushima!

on the way to break sales records

The game has risen above other Fighting games by selling a tremendous amount within a month of its launch.

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