Amouranth Takes a Stand Against Deep Fakes: Calls Out Unnamed Platform's Quest for Numbers Over Principles 

Twitch star Amouranth, known for her ventures into AI-generated content, has expressed dissatisfaction with an undisclosed platform's utilization of AI deepfakes. Amidst her own foray into the AI world, her comments have sparked curiosity about the platform and her position in the AI industry.

Amouranth Exposes Deepfake Advertisements

Twitch star Amouranth criticizes an undisclosed platform for running advertisements on top of deepfake content without her consent. She commends platforms like OnlyFans for prioritizing creator safety and expresses disappointment in the exploitation of creators through AI and deepfakes.

What did Amouranth say about the matter?

See the tweets she sent out in which she vented her rage.

Double Standards and Exploitation

Amouranth calls out the anonymous platform for its hypocritical business practices, claiming to be progressive while exploiting content creators with deepfake ads. She highlights the platform's disregard for users and creators, accusing them of prioritizing profits over principles.

Championing Creator Safety

The Twitch streamer emphasizes the importance of digital safety and praises platforms like OnlyFans and Fansly for creating a secure environment for creators. Amouranth denounces the misuse of AI and deepfakes, deeming it a regressive step in the industry.

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