Every Playstation 5 Pro Rumor You Should Know About

Sony's rumored console PlayStation 5 pro is making all kinds of buzz everywhere. Basically Massive Information Was Dumped on the Internet. Here's a list of the most noteworthy things that we know about this upcoming console.

named project trinity

It has been reported that Sony has named this console Project Trinity, which sounds suitable enough in case the rumors about PS5 slim turn out true. These consoles would create a trinity.

 Can play 4k 60 FPS and 8K stable

Rumors also suggest this console would be capable of runninggames at stable 4K 60. And it might even go up to 8K for real.

Features accelerated ray tracing

This console would also feature accelerated ray tracing. This might mean that PlayStation 5 Pro would feature a dedicated AI chip for Ray tracing, which would be a big deal!

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