Fortnite Developer Epic Games’ CEO Does Not Like What Elon Musk Did to Internet

Fortnite is one of the most-played battle royale titles out there. the CEO of its developer Epic Games Tim Sweeney is a pretty outspoken guy. And he has shown this once again, naming Elon musk to be the reason for the broken internet!

Twitter keeps getting worse by the day

People believe that ever since Twitter has come under new management, it has been going downhill, thanks to all the unnecessary policy changes.

Epic Games CEO agrees

And a recent change in Twitter's policy where verified accounts can see 6000 posts, unverified accounts can see 600 and new accounts can only see 300 posts per day, the CEO of Epic Games has shown his disapproval too.

He said “News sites are paywalled or account walled, Reddit is nag walled, Google search spams ads and SEO to the point of uselessness“. The Epic Games CEO further said that web browsing “feels horrible” nowadays, especially with Twitter becoming account walled.

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