Gta: Every 3D Game in the Series Ranked From Worst to Best!

GTA VI is almost on the verge of announcement and to celebrate this upcoming occasion, we rank mainline 3D GTA games from worst to best! 

GTA Liberty City stories

This game is not bad, but its pretty straightforward and congested for a GTA game. Fans are used to more open titles. Games that give them a bunch of extra stuff to do.


Its age is the enemy of this particular game. fans still love it to death, yet its dated aesthetics might not please everyone.

GTA Vice city stories

This game brings the essence of this excellent series to PSP. But besides taking a bunch of inspiration from Vice City and San Andreas, its story is not as good.

Vice city

This game is where the protagonists in this series started having a voice. Ray Liotta played Tommy Vercetti in this exciting story inspired by Scarface.

GTA San Andreas

San Andreas was the most popular game in the series before 5. And justifiably so, it gave players some really exciting things to do, from Gym, to unmatched vehicle customization and a story that starred stars like Samuel. L. Jackson.


Fans all over the world consider this game to have the best story of all the games in this series. Its driving and once again a limited open-world leaves this game on the second spot.


GTA V is the best game in the series. And there would be very few people in gaming who would dispute this fact. A large exciting world, a perfect driving experience, and excellent combat mechanics. All this paired with a quirky exciting story!

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