Is Starfield’s Trait System Designed to Make the Game More Challenging?

With Starfield Bethesda Softworks is planning to introduce a new exciting twist on its traits system. This new system would equally reward players and punish them in very inventive new ways!

Traits aren't new

Bethesda has introduced traits in their previous games, but those usually only gave players some small bonuses. This time around things gave gotten more serious.

Changing the course of game

In Starfield players are able to select traits that would help them and punish them at the same time. For example, Players can select a particular space religion for themselves, which many would hate. 

But if players ever come across people with the same religion, enemies can quickly become friends!

And it makes sense

This was of introducing traits to players is something that most would appreciate. This kind of thing would give this game a new level of depth.

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