Marvel’s Wolverine: Everything to Know About Upcoming Playstation 5 EXCLUSIVE!

After Spider-Man 2 Insomniac and Sony would be gearing up to launch Wolverine. For fans of this brutal superhero, here are some exciting gameplay details.

Stand-alone universe

This game would not be part of any pre-existing universe. This point directly contradicts the rumor that it would share its universe with Spider-Man.

Where it all began

This game would start in the Island of Maripoor, right where Logan became Wolverine. And it would take him on a globe-trotting adventure.

the spider-man connection

This game would have the same creative director as the Spider-Man game. Hence, people can expect somereally spectacular visuals!

cutting-edge gameplay

It is rumored that this game would feature the kind of gameplay never seen before. There's already rumors of it being an M-rated title, it might end up being a bloody affair!

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