Spanish Studio Rumored to Have Nintendo Switch 2 Devkit!

A successor to Nintendo Switch is on its way. Nintendo has yet to announce it, at this point they do not even say accept that it exists. But a rumor says that a Spanish studio might have a dev Kit!

A Mind-blowing success

Nintendo Switch itself is a mind-blowing success. And that's why Nintendo is sitting on announcing its successor yet.

But dev kits are in the wild!

But the fact that Nintendo might release it sometime next year, might mean that many developers have its devkits at this point.

one of them might have let it slip!

A recent rumor suggests that one of those studios from Spain has one of those devkits. Maybe they somehow let it it leak.

And there are only two suspects!

The only two studios that even have the slightest chance of having these kits are either Mercury Steam or The Game Kitchen. Both are developing a new game for Switch recently!

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