Street Fighter 6 on the verge of knocking out  Modern Warfare 2's steam record!

Street Fighter 6 recently launched to a universal critical acclaim. the game is on its way to slowly becoming one of the best reviewed titles of 2023. Alongside that Achievement, it might even dethrone one of last year's biggest games!

Looks like the Titan called MWII has found its match

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II became one of the most-played games on Steam last year with over 400,000 concurrent players.

This record is on the verge of being broken by latest entry in Capcom's legendary  Street Fighter series.

Fans and Critics are praising this game for its Beginner friendly gameplay and much more fleshed-out story content.

Street fighter 6 traiNs you wEll

Capcom has taken a step towards creating a new fanbase and have added features that allow new players to get familiar with this game's mechanics easily.

And this has paid off in a big way

The game already has a record-breaking number of concurrent players on steam. Which is a big deal for a Fighting game!

Looks like this time capcom went for a knock-out!

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