The Famous Faces That Almost Played Franklin in Gta V

GTA games have always had massive budgets. And over the years various celebrities have played important characters in this series. From Ray Liotta as Tommy Vercetti to Samuel L. Jackson as Officer Tenpenny in San Andreas. now it is revealed that several big names were in the queue to play Franklin in GTA V.

nipsey hussle

This young rapper who is not with his fans anymore was one of the people to audition for this character. One wonders how things could have been, his fans could be playing this gamein his rememberance.

young gangsta

Yet another rapper who auditioned for this role. He had to give it up for some unknown reason but rumors are he was pretty close to getting it.


Popular rapper Problem too ended up auditioning for Franklin, but the role ultimately went to Shawn Fonteno. Problem did make it into the game through one of his songs though.

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