Top 5 Call of Duty maps that can be found in the outside world

Call of Duty is such a game that has intrigued Players from the time of it's inception. although the game has multiple editions, but the creators have taken inspirations from real world to make maps for different versions of the game. Here are top 5 places in Call of duty maps, which took inspirations from real world places.

5. uss Texas: Call of Duty wwii (2017)

The map of call of Duty 2 (2017) is fully based on the map of USS Texas, which is a battle ship used in actual world war 2. It is now converted into a museum, and it's  striking resemblance is loved by fans.

4. Piccadily: call of duty modern warfare (2019)

released in 2019, the game made a chaos among its fanboys. However, the multiplayer game map was based on Piccadilly circus, london. There was almost 99% similarity in map design and graphics.

3. Terrace: Call of duty Advance warfare (2014)

The map  of popular Call of Duty game in the franchise, Advance warfare, the terrace map is set upon the greek Island Of Santorini. The map of terrace has striking similarities between  the real santorini Island and the map on the game.

2. Operation Neptune: Call of duty wwii (2017)

Operation Neptune strikingly resembles the Omaha Beach and the same ambience it had on the d day. The environment and objects were very similar to the actual D Day .

1. Resistance: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2011)

The game was fully built on invasion of Europe by Russia. So it has a striking similarity through out Europe. However there was a striking similarity with Place Dalida in Parris.

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