Youtuber Sends Mrbeast Bar to Space Using an Airtag and Balloons

Everyone's going to space nowadays. MrBeast has yet to take that big step in his life. But a YouTuber decided to send one of MrBeast's most popular products to space!

MrBeast bars are pretty popular

Amongst MrBeast's endorsed set of products MrBeast Bar might be the most popular of them all. Fans seem to love them!

And now its in space

A YouTuber is popular for his elaborate pranks is doing his best to send these bars into the space

Using balloons and an Airtag

And funnily enough, YouTuber Jack Doherty used Balloons to make it fly and used an Airtag to check its location.

It is yet to be updated where the Bar has reached till now. It is expected he would provide an update soon enough!

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