NBA Stars That Shaquille O'Neal Has Taken Jabs at: Donovan Mitchell, James Harden & Others

Lakers' legendary Shaquille O'Neal had a decorated NBA career and is arguably one of the best centers ever seen.

However, he had somewhat of a knack for picking up fights with his peers and still does it as an NBA analyst as well.

Here are five instances in which he poked current nba stars.


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James Harden

When James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, leaving the Houston Rockets, many NBA critics had their opinion on it but Shaq accused Harden of not doing better for the Rockets. Insinuating that he is a liar and a failure.

Credit: Youtube/NBA on ESPN

Christian wood

Ever since he signed with the Rockets, Wood has been in sublime form. But Shaq brutally expressed that he wasn't familiar with the forward's game. 

Credit: Youtube/Sports Stories

Rudy Gobert

When Gobert signed a $205 million contract extension with the Utah Jazz, Shaq mocked him on Instagram and even called out young players that by even averaging 11 points, one can get a hefty contract.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Dwight howard

When Howard won his NBA title last season with the Lakers, his over the top posts about his achievement pissed Shaq off and said he didn't like players who bragged.

Credit: YouTube/IG lives

Donovan Mitchell

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report