NBA Top Plays of the Night: Draymond Green's Logo Shot, Ja Morant's Michael Jordan Like Layup and More

This season of the nba has been very entertaining from the get-go. From surprising trades, unexpected elite teams to an entertaining all-star game.
 it has everything. with a lot more to still transpire, let's go through some of the top plays of the night!


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John wall

The Houston Rockets might be hanging for dear life in the Western Conference, but this John Wall block on Brandon Clarke of Memphis Grizzlies is why is comes under the greats in shot-blocking.

Credit: YouTube/Dunks Productions

Blake Griffin

Brooklyn Nets' new addition Blake Griffin gets into the lane, and pulls off a no-look pass to Tyler Johnson against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Credit: YouTube/PassionHoops NBA

Draymond Green

We've all seen Steph Curry hit shots from the logo before but when Draymond did it, it was a different feeling altogether.

Credit: YouTube/MLG Highlights

Ja Morant

We've seen Ja Morant pull of some crazy layups but this Michael Jordan vintage move is a must watch!

Credit: YouTube/VL

Rudy Gobert

Credit: YouTube/NBA Fastbreak