Fearless 231lb QB's Bear Hunt Sparks Controversy for Over Shadowing Former NFL Star's Cruel Mistake

When you are famous, people have a lot to talk about you! And even the smallest of mistake can become a source of rage amongst fans. While few of the sports stars are no less than a celebrity they are also in the scrutiny of the public eye. Seems like two former NFL star's have got themselves in trouble for their hunting actions!

Former NFL Chicago Bears star got himself in controversy recently!

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is no stranger to being in the spotlight. He is an ex-NFL player and former husband to TV star Kristin Cavallari, which also got him a lot of TV exposure.

What did he do to receive all the backlash ?

He had his fame from being a star quarterback for the Chicago Bears. However, now he’s getting lots of attention about a really big bear. He posted a proud picture on his Instagram page about his recent large kill. NFL fans are divded as some did not appreciate him at all for hunting the 231lb big bear.

Another former NFL star who was in a similar situation few months ago

Former NFL star Derek Wolfe was slammed by fans on social media after posing for an picture with a 195lb mountain lion he had shot.Though as revealed by the American, he had been called to shoot the mountain lion. Even then he was at the receiving end of massive backlash.

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