“I See Bombs Caught”: Lingerie Wearing Football Players Excite Pro Bowler to Make Interesting NFL Comparison

Published 04/29/2023, 1:00 PM EDT

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The NFL garners a very high viewership in the country and with that viewership comes the expectation of high-powered games that capture everyone’s attention. And the NFL meets most of these expectations the viewers have from it. From the action-packed Super Bowl with superstars like Rihanna performing, to nervous qualifying games, the NFL has showcased it all. However, in recent times, the league has lacked in one aspect.

Current players as well as players from the past have showcased their disregard for the Pro Bowl. Ex-NFL players have showcased their disdain for the mid-season event as well. They’ve taken to podcasts and spoken about it as well. One such particular ex-NFL player took to his YouTube channel to compare the Pro Bowl to a more attention-grabbing league. Interestingly, the league he spoke about involved lingerie on the gridiron.

The interesting comparison between the NFL Pro Bowl and the ‘lingerie’ league


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One of the most outspoken ex-Pro Bowlers out there is the ex-Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Marcellus Wiley. Wiley has never held back when it has come to the different issues of the league. One of the issues he talked about was the staggering fall in popularity and the perceived quality of the Pro Bowl. Wiley took to his YouTub channel to compare the Pro Bowl game to the games that have occurred in the Legends Football League.


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This is a gridiron football league that involves women playing in a semi-professional indoor American football league operating in the United States. It was originally termed the Lingerie Football League in 2009. It was then rebranded to be the Legend Football League in 2013. Wiley showed clips from this league and compared them to how they’re so much more exciting than the Pro Bowl. He went on to say, “I watched a few of those plays they get after it I mean look this is woman to woman. They getting after it, I see bombs caught I mean it looks better than the Pro Bowl.”

Wiley didn’t hold back as he went on to speak about how the Pro Bowl has become a husk of what it used to be. He even went on to go so far as to say that the lingerie league was better than the Pro Bowl. Reportedly, even with all the changes that have been made, the Pro Bowl’s quality has gotten worse. Even some of the older legends of the sport were against the most recent Pro Bowl.


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The disappointment of the most recent Pro-Bowl

The Pro Bowl is a chance for fans to see their favorite players showcasing some amazing skill with other players of similar caliber. The audience enjoys it solely due to this high-level all-star involvement. However, this year’s Pro Bowl followed a game of flag football that did not garner everyone’s attention. Moreover, the way the game was conducted, even angered NFL legend, Peyton Manning. Due to the fact that it was a flag football game, the referees were having trouble making the right calls. This caused Manning to be overly frustrated with the way the game went.

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All in all, the Pro Bowl has garnered a lot of hate from ex-NFL players. It has gone on to the extent that Wiley even compared it to the Legends Football League. It only remains to be seen if the next year’s Pro Bowl is any better than the last one.


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