27-Year-Old NFL Star's Jaw-Dropping Weightlifting Skills Could Rival Top Bodybuilders 

Every player wants to give their best and be the asset in their team every season. But what happens when the off season begins? Players engage themselves in practice sessions, getting into massive fitness routines and working on polishing their skills. But this one young NFL player, who beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in lifting heavy weights last year, is in beast mode now.

Can you guess the NFL star who is showing astounding weightlifting skills?

He is Browns Running Back Nick Chubb. He is an absolute monster when it comes to weight lifting and working out. Chubb spends crazy amounts of time at the gym which is the reason behind his massive strength gain and insane powerlifting skills. Not just his peers, he seems to be surprising everyone.

Nick Chubb - The man on a mission!!

Nick Chubbs flaunts his back, shoulders and triceps showing his hard work and sweat put in to build those muscles. The Georgian man leaves no stone unturned when it comes to weight lifting which is quite evident. Surpassing some of the big names is bodybuilding as an athlete, is big in itself. 

Can Nick Chubbs give bodybuilders a run for their money?

Chubbs power cleaning squats with more than 400, making it look so easy and showing it off for his fans as well as rivals.
Source Credit: Nick Chubb/Instagram

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