After LeBron James Exceeds Expectations Over Jersey Request, Travis Hunter Reveals His True Emotions Post Heartwarming Encounter

The Colorado Buffs players, Travis Hunter and Shedeur Sanders, were ecstatic after attending the NBA opening night. Adding to the excitement, NBA legend LeBron James embraced and met the duo, fulfilling their wish. In his most recent podcast, Hunter expressed his feelings about the meeting.

Hunter and Sanders meet their NBA idol

While the young stars were excited to watch the Lakers game, they were over the moon when their idol LeBron, came to see them after the match. It was a big moment for the athletes, and they made a special request for his #23 jersey, which James affirmed to send them soon.

Travis expresses his emotions in his podcast

For Hunter, meeting his idol and NBA icon LeBron James was a dream come true. In his recent podcast, he shared a clip from the game and said, "The GOAT came up, LeBron James, to talk to me and Shedeur. He came over to show us some love, and we appreciate that."

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