Ahead of the Vikings Clash, Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Opens Up on Putting Patrick Mahomes ‘In a Tough Spot’

Undoubtedly, the Kansas City Chiefs have emerged as the most potent team in the current season and are striving to clinch their third consecutive victory. But sometimes the most influential troops get to face the harsh reality, and the last match against the struggling team, the New York Jets, was a similar contrary match for the leading team, the Chiefs. Thus, during the post-match media discussion, the Chiefs’ TE opened his heart out about the reality.

Travis Kelce put Mahomes in a challenging situation

Before their upcoming anticipated clash with the Minnesota Vikings, the Kansas City Chiefs' tight end, Travis Kelce, spilled the beans in front of the media. While discussing their hardships in their last match, Kelce stated, '...we're still trying to figure things out.' He also added, 'You just got to make sure you're not putting Pat in a tough spot like I did.'

The notable triumph of the Chiefs

During halftime, the Jets' former center of anticipation, Aaron Rodgers, chanted some mantras in his teammate's ear, which drastically changed their performance, leading them to rule over the Chiefs. The commanding duo, Mahomes-Kelce, was spotted stumbling against the Jets. However, in the end, the Chiefs held their spot and concluded with a scoreboard of 23-20. 

The strenuous phase of the Jets

Following their recently traded QB, Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury, the team discovered themselves on the verge of their anticipation. However, in the last game against the Chiefs, Rodgers was spotted at the MetLife Stadium, guiding his teammates, led by their now QB Zach Wilson.

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