After Laughing at Tom Brady, Mike Tyson Remains Brutally Honest About Making “Mistakes”

In a recent episode of the PBD Podcast, Adam Sosnick highlighted this unpredictable trajectory, laughing at the early days of Brady while opening a candid conversation with Mike Tyson.

An intimate conversation: Mike Tyson reveals his road to mastery

On the PBD Podcast, Tyson, Bet-David, and Sosnick dove into a candid discussion about Tyson’s rise to greatness and the defining moments in his life. Sosnick kickstarted the conversation by pointing to an old photo of a young Tom Brady.

Sharp statement of Tyson to Tom Brady

“There’s the picture of Tom Brady. Doesn’t look like the GOAT right there, does he? But no, turned out to be the greatest quarterback to ever live.” Turning to Tyson, Sosnick probed Tyson’s journey, asking what inspired him to turn his life around.

Tyson pointed out his mistakes of his NFL career

As Tyson elucidated his statement, he shed light on the necessity of making mistakes and learning from them. Tyson revealed, adding, “I’ve been knocked out before that. Nothing came easy for me, I didn’t give up. Remember.” 

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