"Can't believe you're gone": Aaron Rodgers' Former Teammate Grieves the Death of 31-Year-Old NFL Star

Crosby recently took to his Instagram story to grieve an old teammate of his. Although, his grieving was a lot more peculiar than one would’ve thought. 

The delayed grief of Maxx Crosby

The defensive end was mourning the loss of his old teammate, Chris Smith.While Crosby took to his Instagram story to mourn and grieve his old teammate, he did it almost a month after his passing. Chris Smith, a defensive linesman that played alongside Crosby, passed away on the 17th of April, 2023.

Crosby’s story of grieving his teammate

Crosby expressed his shock at losing his old teammate. He posted a picture of Smith amidst football action and even captioned the picture. He expressed his sadness and said, “Can’t believe you’re gone family…Love you.” 

The sad passing of Chris Smith

Chris Smith was recently signed with the XFL’s Seattle Sea Dragons. While the cause of his death is unknown, he garnered a lot of love from players he has played with. The XFL itself issued a statement talking about how loved he was in the locker room. 

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