Coach Jim Harbaugh Sets the Record Straight on Michigan's Sign-Stealing Incident 

The Michigan Wolverines are under investigation by the NCAA for an alleged sign-stealing scheme. Recently, Jim Harbaugh, the coach of Michigan, broke his silence and addressed the issue that arose during his contract discussions. 

Michigan's sign stealing incident 

Connor Stalions, a football assistant, has been suspended for the alleged controversy. Over three years, he reportedly recorded the sideline of a future Michigan opponent, at several games involving Big Ten. There could also be implications for coach Harbaugh depending on his knowledge of the alleged scheme.

Coach Jim Harbaugh responds to the allegations 

Michigan coach Harbaugh shared his opinions on the matter, stating, "You just have to let it play out, cooperate with the investigation, and see how it plays out. Too much of a one-track mind with the team to engage with all the speculation."

Harbaugh and Michigan's new contract

The timing of the alleged controversial incident is unfortunate for coach Harbaugh, considering the ongoing talks for his new contract with Michigan, which would make him the highest-paid coach in the Big Ten. Harbaugh denied the report, citing a university policy that prohibits employees from commenting on contract negotiations until finalized.

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