Coach Prime Deion Sanders Shares His Heartache Over Colorado's Recent Disheartening Defeat

The Colorado Buffs team, led by Head Coach Deion Sanders, experienced a devastating defeat against the Oregon Ducks, leaving Sanders disheartened. However, his press conference showcased his leadership and optimistic character. 

Coach Prime appreciates his team players' character

During a press conference, Sanders expressed gratitude towards his team for wanting to make a difference for single mothers, as his own mother had been one. He said, “I told him anything they want to do, I’m all in. And that was tremendous, that’s the kind of character our young men have.”

Deion Sanders expresses his pain in a few words 

Sanders talked further about his heartache and his team’s next step. He said, “A great game, as you know, we didn’t play our best football. We didn’t put our best foot forward, but we took care all of protocol, watching films, clean it up. We’re ready to go into this week, great challenge ahead of us.”

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