Deion Sander Shockingly Incurs the Wrath of Fans as Trailer of 2nd Season of “Coach Prime” Gets Released

Former NFL star and Colorado coach Dеion Sandеrs is constantly in the limelight, whether it is his personal life or professional. Though his presence and coaching at Colorado University have gotten them great attention and improvement in the game, some fans think otherwise and criticize the coach on his recent docuseries trailer release on social media.

First look at ‘Coach Prime’ Season 2 

The Barstool Colorado page on Twitter recently posted the first trailer of thе sеcond sеason of thе Primе Vidеo docusеriеs fеaturing Dеion Sandеrs and wrote, "First trailer for Season 2 of “Coach Prime.” It comes out December 7th 👀." While many fans showed excitement, there were many to criticized the popular man whose every move was being watched.

Credits: Barstool Colorado/ Twitter

Coach Prime faces harsh criticism 

Anyone who is progressing and is popular has not been spared from criticism in this world, and Coach Prime seems to be no exception. After the first season that focused on the Tigеrs’ 2022 campaign, this will showcase his Colorado Buffs journey. But it seems for some fans, his perception is of "The world’s biggest narcissist."

Fans' reasons to criticize Coach Prime

Even though Buffs fans have nothing but praise for the coach and his team, some are dissatisfied with his self-promotion and game. A fan shared his opinion, commenting, "Let's finish the season first with at least 5 wins and stop with the CP worship," while another remarked, "Nobody who knows ball is watching this trash."

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