Despite Succumbing to Mediocrity on the Field, Russell Wilson Teams Up With Ciara for $1,000,000 Cause

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has faced criticism for his on-field performance, particularly with the team's one-win record this season. While he seeks methods to better himself for the upcoming games, he and his wife Ciara team up for a philanthropic endeavor.

Russell Wilson's last season with the Denver Broncos? 

The Broncos quarterback has a contract that guarantees $37 million from the next season. While the team has yet to see any significant success since acquiring Wilson and with coach Payton having time to remake the team's image, it might not bring good news for him, as per sources. 

Wilson and Ciara's contribution to the society

Broncos Off Field page on X posted about Wilson and Ciara's grand gesture and wrote, "Today, @DangeRussWilson and @Ciara granted one million dollars through their @WhyNotYouFdn and @commonspirit- $100,000 to 10 different organizations that share a passion for health equity, education, food security, social justice, and support for children and youth."

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