Fans Shut Down Ex NFL QB’s Attempt to Shade Dak Prescott With “Shocking” News

Dak Prescott and Zack Martin have restructured their deals, providing the Cowboys with $30 million in cap space. This allows the team to address needs in free agency. 

Dak Prescott’s stats hold up against critics’ narrative

The person who tweeted pointed out that Dak Prescott’s stats are pretty solid compared to the others, despite not fitting the usual narrative that ‘he’s not as good’. The user @zjones20 listed the numbers for each QB to make the point.

Ex-QB of the Los Angeles Rams shared data on Twitter

He found it shocking that in Dak Prescott’s last 33 games, he’s thrown 29 interceptions. It seems like Orlovsky didn’t expect that no. of interceptions from him. This moment was grabbed by fans to defend Dak Prescott against criticism from an ex-NFL QB.

2023 Outlook for Dak Prescott

Looking ahead to the 2023 season, his draft rank (ECR) is #85, with the best and worst rankings being #77 and #116, respectively. As for his presence on the roster, ESPN indicates it as 87%.

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