Hours Before the Buffaloes’ Hotly Anticipated Kickoff, $45 Million Worth Deion Sanders’ $233,000 Italian Beast Faces the Wrath of Law Enforcement 

Coach Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes are leaving no stone unturned to change their NFL destiny. However, despite having the ‘hottest’ stature in sports, it turns out that the NFL has no protection from law enforcement.

NFL’s highly-anticipated face-off

Due to the rising dominance of the Colorado Buffaloes, it has become a team worth watching. Hours before their highly coveted match against the Oregon Ducks, Coach Prime’s prized possession suffered the wrath of the police officers. 

Parking police take notice of Sanders’ Italian beast

Deion’s $233,000 worth of Lamborghini Urus was parked on the kerbside. Sanders Jr. shared a video of his dad’s car with a ticket issued by the parking police as they believed it to be in a prohibited space.

Credits: DeionSandersJr/Instagram

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