"I will Love Again": Aaron Rodgers' Former Flame Unearths The Feeling of Falling in Love Again

NFL legend Aaron Rodger's girlfriend opened up on her relationship and falling in love feeling in her recent Q/A session on her Instagram handle. She happened to come up with an interesting response to her fans. 

Charlotte Brereton’s response to her fans on ‘love’

She wrote, "Kinda a continuation of what I said before about what is meant for me there is nothing I can do to f*ck it up. My trust in the universe goes beyond what my mind desires at the moment. I believe I will love again, and if I am meant to be a mother it will happen I for sure would love that to be the case. And in the meantime, I’m learning every day to mother myself and nourish those around me."

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Blu celebrates her birthday in a unique way

Rodger’s girlfriend celebrated her 32nd birthday, and she shared some beach photos. In the caption, she wrote, “Today is my 32nd year around the sun and I spent the morning in the ocean dancing, laughing and playing in the waves with my sister twin.”

All about Aaron Rodger's girlfriend

She is a holistic healer who is an ardent advocate of alternative medicine. Blu is also known for her career as a podcast host. She is the founder of Florescence. 

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