"Rip Bill": NFL Fans Mourn the Untimely Death of a 60-Year-Old Veteran to Cancer

College football is loved by most fans. The unadulterated plays that differ from the elegant NFL, the brash rivalries, and the infinite potential of college football players appeals to them. And, coaches of college football teams play a special role in the eyes of football fans as well as players. It was a sad day for the UCLA Bruins and fans, as one of their precious has passed away, almost like a star has fallen!

Who was the 60-Year-Old Veteran?

 He gave incredible contribution to the sport as Bill McGovern was longtime college and NFL defensive coach. He worked as UCLA's defensive coordinator last season. Apart from his accolades as a coach, McGovern also gained a lot of accolades in his career as a football player. He played at Holy Cross and set an NCAA D-1 record for 11 interceptions in 1984. While he was in a great place in his career, sadly, he was fighting a personal battle with cancer. He recently passed away at the age of 60. 

Bill McGovern's massive  contribution to the sport 

In the NFL, he has been a part of the coaching staff for several teams, including New York Giants. He joined UCLA in 2022 as a defensive coordinator and remained on with UCLA as the director of football administration in 2023. He was also a coach to Luke Kuechly, a player who set multiple records.

UCLA's tribute to the veteran on Twitter

"It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Bill McGovern and offer our deepest condolences to Coach McGovern's family and friends."

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