Rob Gronkowski Floats Wild Idea to Rescue the Jets Amidst Aaron Rodgers Drama

In the wake of NFL star Aaron Rodgers's Achilles injury and the New York Jets QB Zach Wilson's terrible performance, everyone is scrambling to prevent the ship from sinking. During these tense circumstances, Rob Gronkowski, the former tight end, proposed an idea to help the team reach their desired destination.

Gronk suggested for another QB

The former tight end hit the spot perfectly as he suggested changing the Jets’ QB to make a place in this current season. After the Minnesota Vikings' two consecutive defeats, he proposed that the team trade their QB, Kirk Cousins, to the New York Jets since they lost out on their best QB, Rodgers.

How did he justify his recommendation?

During an interview at the Up & Adams show hosted by Kay Adams, the Super Bowl champion suggested an alteration of the Jets’ QB with Kirk Cousins, stating, " makes sense having his contract expire after this year, he needs to be shipped to the Jets."

Kirk Cousins’ performance in the current season

Despite the Vikings' lack of success, their QB, Cousins, is still a formidable player. He has excelled in the 2023 season with a 1075-yard throw, nine touchdowns, and two interceptions with a passer score of 108.2.

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