Before Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's Romance Took Center Stage, 50-Year-Old NFL Star captured The World Attention With Tennis GOAT

 While many believe that dating or marrying someone in the same industry makes life easier due to shared understanding, Serena Williams defied that norm. The tennis legend explored relationships with famous sports and Hollywood figures before ultimately being captivated by her entrepreneurial husband.

Alexis Ohanian is the man who graced the union of marriage with Serena Williams

Serena announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in December 2016. The pair married almost a year later in November 2017 and the couple had a beautiful daughter the following year.

Ace Tennis star Serena Williams Guarding Her Personal Life from Prying Eyes

While she has sealed her deal with Alexis Ohanian, she has dated many famous men before taking the plunge of marriage. A few sportsmen names come up who have dated the star and smong them is a 50-year-old NFL Star player and broadcaster. 

Who was the NFL Super Bowl champion who had stolen Tennis GOAT Serena Williams heart once?

Keyshawn Johnson, the former wide receiver for the Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Panthers, had NFL fans buzzing with curiosity about his relationship with Serena Williams. However, Johnson firmly dismissed the rumors, putting an end to the speculation.

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