Tom Brady Pays Tribute to the GOAT of Kentucky Derby As Patrick Mahomes Performs a Very Special Duty

Tom Brady reserved that exact praise for a legendary horse, whose records are still intact even after 50 years. Here is a pass from one GOAT to another, although of different sports.

A legend pays tribute to another legend

Everything about the spectacle was top-notch, from Patrick Mahomes call to the eventual new champion. The most special moment came when Tom Brady paid his tribute to Secretariat, considered the greatest Kentucky Derby champion.

Brady said in his tribute to the great horse

“You might be laughing or wondering if I’m just putting you on. I’m actually kind of serious because when it comes to all time, Secretariat stands alone. Fifty years later, his Kentucky Derby is still the fastest any horse has ever run. It ends the argument that simply. In the biggest race, he’s the greatest ever.”

Mahomes flags it off

Patrick Mahomes did not say much about the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s lighting Kentucky Derby win. But the defending Super Bowl champion paid a big tribute to the whole race itself.

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