Watch: Rob Gronkowski's Insane Excitement Leads to a Hilarious Phone Accident

After retiring from playing football in 2022, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Rob Gronkowski now adorns the hat of being an analyst on FOX. His mind-blowing 11 seasons career in the NFL has earned him many fans from all age groups, and recently, he spent time with some kids and had a lot of fun. 

Rob Gronkowski at the fundraiser for Rutherford County

The 4X Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski was a special speaker at the 34th annual Stake & Burger fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rutherford County. He spent some wonderful time with the kids from the club before speaking to many at the fundraiser at MTSU's Student Union Building.

Credits: Rob Gronkowski/ Instagram

Rob Gronkowski's uber excitement after meeting the kids

Gronkowski's energy was super high after spending time with kids. His high excitement led to a hilarious phone incident, where he dropped his phone after he jumped, hung on the basketball ring, and dropped his phone from his pocket. He did not realize that until the kids shouted about it to him, as seen in the video shared by Rob on Instagram.

Credits: Rob Gronkowski/ Instagram

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