"You're not good": No-Nonsense Chad Johnson Silences Shannon Sharpe with Clear-Cut Attitude

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson, former NFL stars, recently had an interesting conversation on their podcast. While discussing various topics on their 'Nightcap' show, Johnson interrupts Sharpe and advises him to find love in his life.

Chad Johnson's advice for Shannon Sharpe

Johnson starts the conversation by mentioning Sharpe's age and suggesting he should find someone special. Sharpe claims he is fine and doesn’t require help, but Johnson contradicts, saying, “You’re not good. You don’t have to lie to me; you’re not good. I can see it in your face."

Sharpe gets annoyed with Johnson

Grinding his teeth, Sharpe asks him, "What makes you think I'm missing something in my life?" Johnson calmly responds that he can "tell by the look" on his face that he needs someone special and advises him, "You're not gonna reach where you want to get to without the help and the touch of a woman, trust me."

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