From Michael Jordan vs Isiah Thomas to LeBron James vs Steph Curry: Best NBA Rivalries of All Time

In the game of basketball, sometimes rivalries are more than between two teams. It gets to the extent that two individual players start to compete against one another to prove who is the best. 
Let's have a look at the 5 best NBA player rivalries

Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain

Russell and Chamberlain had one of the most iconic rivalries of all-time in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook

Once best buddies, KD and Westbrook turned into fierce rivals after Durant joined the Golden State Warriors.

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Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson

The Lakers and Celtics go way back and the battle between Magic and Bird was the primary reason for their epic rivalry.

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LeBron James vs Steph Curry

Curry and James met each other numerous times in the NBA Finals. Their epic battles are something NBA fans will foreover remember.

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LeBron James stuns the stadium with a ferocious poster on Jusuf Nurkic STARTS HERE -->

Any list about NBA rivalries is incomplete with MJ's battles with Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boy Pistons.

LeBron James stuns the stadium with a ferocious poster on Jusuf Nurkic ENDS HERE --> Call the Bosnian Army! STARTS HERE -->

Michael Jordan vs Isiah Thomas

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