The Day Roger Federer Went God Mode and Entertained NBA Legend Michael Jordan With His Tennis

Roger Federer absolutely dismantled Marinko Matosevic at US Open 2014. And to further add the cherry, Federer had NBA legend Michael Jordan in his box.

Michael Jordan in Federer's box

Jordan watched as Roger Federer asserts his dominance over the match from the first few points itself.

Jordan watches on!

Credit: Youtube/WivoRN Productions

Jordan's good words for Federer mid-match

After Federer won his first set, Michael Jordan gave a small interview in which he was lost for words for the Swiss Masters.

"I'm fascinated"

Credit: Youtube/WivoRN Productions

Roger Federer continued 2nd set in strong fashion

After winning the first set, Federer continued in GOD mode and Jordan loved it.

Federer's ace approved by Jordan

Credit: Youtube/WivoRN Productions

Michael Jordan applauded Federer's fierce backhand

Michael Jordan looked on as his tennis counterpart hit his signature backhand in the second set.

Federer's in-form backhand

Credit: Youtube/WivoRN Productions

Roger Federer's tweener amazed Michael Jordan

In the second set, Roger Federer hit an impossible tweener to which Michael Jordan couldn't stop applauding.


Credit: Youtube/WivoRN Productions

Michael Jordan
has a laugh!!

After Federer's opponents Marinko Matosevic said, "I just wanna be like Michael", Jordan couldn't stop laughing.

Jordan in smiles!

Credit: Youtube/WivoRN Productions

Roger Federer
thanks Michael Jordan

Federer talked about his inspiration Michael Jordan and his collaboration with the basketball legend

"It's amazing having Michael here"

Credit: Youtube/tennisvideo yo

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