Almost every Premier League fan will remember this Martin Tyler’s shout- “OHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS. WELCOME TO MANCHESTER UNITED, ANTHONY MARTIAL! “, as the young Frenchman announced his signing in some style, scoring his very first goal for the Reds against the Scousers. Some call it beginner’s luck, some claim it to be serendipity. But the player has certainly shown he means business and wants to justify the tag he was brought on for.

In contrast, not many would remember his debut against Hull City where he scored a brace after being substituted in at the 60′ mark. He has been one of the constants in a team which last season languished under the poor form of Radamel Falcao and Robin van Persie.He was a source of energy for the side which used to seem lethargic to even Sunday league teams. Though the player has proved his quality in over more than one chance,  the opportunity as a major striker has always eluded him.

Let’s compare the two strikers on the basis of their skill. While Martial has that acceleration and speed to show himself through defenders, Wilson finds himself at the right spot, at the right time. While Martial likes to present faux-moves to confuse defenders and dribble past them, Wilson is more of a piercing run through the defense kinda lad. He also has better aerial ability. Although both have their better sides, it’s hard to choose an outright winner. The choice should be based on the tactics, but we don’t see that.

After Falcao and Robin van Persie saw themselves away, many thought it was finally time for Wilson to shine. After all,  he had received praise from many, including “a natural goalscorer, but he has more to his game than that” from Ryan Giggs and “unbelievable in the six-yard box.” by Nicky Butt.  But Louis van Gaal decided to gift his successor a precious gift- Anthony Martial. The glittery charm seems to have hidden the already ever-glowing flame of Wilson.

One cannot argue against the fact that Martial is good. But the manager needs to realize he is not the only one. Playing Fellaini before Wilson reminds one of Paul Pogba’s move. After playing Owen Hargrearves  before him, Paul understood his chances to be bleak and left to play. One can expect to see an encore soon, as the striker had denied his loan move at the last moment to continue playing for his present club.

Although Louis van Gaal has talked so much about youth development, he hasn’t shown giving younger players a chance at the Premier League of so often. The recent game against Ipswich was the one in which everyone was expecting him to, but the manager decided to rest the player following his amazing game against Everton U-21. How long can he persuade the striker to stay on in the club while not giving him enough opportunities to set his position?

The United way is showing a deviation, and the future seems ominous for the Red Devils. Will they revert back to where they started-the Busby Babes or the Class of 92′ ? Or will they be just another club from across the town  who buys talents? Wilson needs a chance and needs it now, otherwise he will just be another addition to Manchester United’s  “slipped away” squad.


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