About Us

EssentiallySports is a multi-sport news website that delivers the latest news, articles, features, and updates on global sports such as UFC, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, eSports, Tennis, Formula 1, Boxing, WWE, and Golf. We are dedicated to covering the most significant moments in sport and deliver content to our audience from the fan’s perspective.

With an audience from over 150 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries, EssentiallySports enjoys a stronghold among the sports enthusiasts.

The website is owned by Full Spectrum Services LLP, India.


Who are we?

EssentiallySports was founded in 2014 as an expedition between engineering college friends but has since evolved into one of the fastest-growing and trusted sports digital media platforms in the world. The co-founders of the website are Harit Pathak, Suryansh Tibarewal and Jaskirat Arora.

We are a team of passionate sports enthusiasts consisting of writers, editors, content leads, and social media experts who work tirelessly to make the sports digital ecosystem a little better every day.


What is our objective?

With a mission to bridge the gap between fans’ opinions and experts’ analysis, we are a platform dedicated to providing its readers with holistic coverage from the sporting world. Our specialized teams of authors/writers and editorial teams for every division aim to deliver quality journalism and expertise in each sport.

In the quest to connect with fans and readers from all over the world, EssentiallySports offers content on multiple platforms ranging from the website to social media and mobile applications.


What do we do?

By delivering extensive round-the-clock coverage of live sports events, news, and analytical features, EssentiallySports has amassed a loyal base of readership across the globe running into the millions

With interviews from the top players in the world across different sports, we are now recognized as an outreach partner for multiple sports and major leagues across the world.


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The Founders

Harit Pathak manages the business, marketing, and operational side of the website. An unrelenting passion for sports led him to lay the foundation of one of the most popular and diverse sports news organizations.

Suryansh Tibarewal is the person responsible for the brilliant user interface and development of the EssentiallySports website. From leading tech to technical SEO, Suryansh spearheads the execution and research of all things digital at the organization.

Jaskirat Arora is the brains behind all things content at EssentiallySports. From writing the website’s first Formula 1 article in 2014 to now leading content strategy for over 140 articles every day, Jaskirat has seen the digital sports content spectrum evolve gradually and drives crucial insights that make the website’s content what it is.