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Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the oldest professional sports leagues in the world. Founded in 1903, the league has 30 teams - 15 play in the National League while 15 play in the American League. There are 29 teams from the United States of America while one team from Canada, similar to NBA. Significantly, both the NL and AL leagues were started earlier back in 1876 and 1901 while the winners of each league will play in the final. Likewise, the MLB headquarters is situated in Midtown Manhattan.

After the league's incredible success, the 1920s saw the league being devoid of home runs which got known as the dead-ball era. As the games gained unprecedented success, new turfs and stadiums began in existence during the 1970-80 era. Hence, baseball became one of the major sport in the USA.

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The MLB also includes Minor League Baseball that includes lower-tier franchises that hold affiliation with the MLB teams.

The teams play 162 games each season as the five best teams advance to a post-season tournament. The tournament would see six division champions and four wild card teams. A one-game playoff would be played between the two Wild card teams. After that, a best of five-game series will be played in the playoffs. The final two teams of each division would play against each other in a seven-match series. The last game will be between the champions of each conference in a seven-match series for the MLB title.

Due to its popularity, the MLB sees crowds flooding in to see matches. The 2018 season saw 69.6 million spectators. After the NFL, the MLB generates the second-most revenue in America.

History of MLB

During the summer of 1839, Abner Doubleday invented the game in Cooperstown, New York.

Although people played the sport leisurely, it now has become, one of the most followed sports in the USA. The origins of the sport had come into existence back in the 18th century, from the two English games: rounders- a game introduced by English colonialists and cricket. After the industrial revolution, the sport became a mainstay amongst American people with different people playing the sport.

After several years, a bank clerk named Alexander Joy Cartwright made some rules that define modern baseball. A new diamond-shaped infield, foul lines, and the three-strike rule got introduced. Significantly, he abolished the rule where a person throws the ball on them to tag them in. The Knickerbockers played the first official game of baseball as they squared off with a cricket team. Hence, it came one of the sporting marvels of the country.

How to Watch Major League Baseball

Most of the games are telecasted on AT&T TV as the broadcast depends on the region. ESPN and Fubo TV telecasts select opening day games. Meanwhile, in the UK, the games are telecasted on BT Sport and are also included in BT Sport ESPN.

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Moreover, Australia telecasts their broadcast on ESPN Australia while North Africa, Middle East, and France are broadcasted on the beIN Sports channel. In addition, people can watch games with an MLB. TV subscription that costs $25 per month/$129 per year.

Teams in the MLB

The number of teams present in the MLB is 30. Likewise, two conferences (AL & NL) will host 15 teams as they play against each other throughout the season. Each conference is further divided into East, Central, and West.

National League


  • Atlanta Braves

  • Miami Marlins

  • New York Mets

  • Philadelphia Phillies

  • Washington Nationals


  • Chicago Cubs

  • Cincinnati Reds

  • Milwaukee Brewers

  • Pittsburgh Pirates

  • St. Louis Cardinals


  • Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Colorado Rockies

  • Los Angeles Dodgers

  • San Diego Padres

  • San Francisco Giants

American League


  • Baltimore Orioles

  • Boston Red Sox

  • New York Yankees

  • Tampa Bay Rays

  • Toronto Blue Jays


  • Chicago White Sox

  • Cleveland Indians

  • Detroit Tigers

  • Kansas City Royals

  • Minnesota Twins


  • Houston Astros

  • Los Angeles Angels

  • Oakland Athletics

  • Seattle Mariners

  • Texas Rangers

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Past Champions of MLB



1903Boston Americans (AL)Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)5?3
1904no series
1905New York Giants (NL)Philadelphia Athletics (AL)4?1
1906Chicago White Sox (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?2
1907**Chicago Cubs (NL)Detroit Tigers (AL)4?0
1908Chicago Cubs (NL)Detroit Tigers (AL)4?1
1909Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)Detroit Tigers (AL)4?3
1910Philadelphia Athletics (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?1
1911Philadelphia Athletics (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?2
1912**Boston Red Sox (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?3
1913Philadelphia Athletics (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?1
1914Boston Braves (NL)Philadelphia Athletics (AL)4?0
1915Boston Red Sox (AL)Philadelphia Phillies (NL)4?1
1916Boston Red Sox (AL)Brooklyn Robins (NL)4?1
1917Chicago White Sox (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?2
1918Boston Red Sox (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?2
1919Cincinnati Reds (NL)Chicago White Sox (AL)5?3
1920Cleveland Indians (AL)Brooklyn Robins (NL)5?2
1921New York Giants (NL)New York Yankees (AL)5?3
1922**New York Giants (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?0
1923New York Yankees (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?2
1924Washington Senators (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?3
1925Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)Washington Senators (AL)4?3
1926St. Louis Cardinals (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?3
1927New York Yankees (AL)Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)4?0
1928New York Yankees (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?0
1929Philadelphia Athletics (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?1
1930Philadelphia Athletics (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?2
1931St. Louis Cardinals (NL)Philadelphia Athletics (AL)4?3
1932New York Yankees (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?0
1933New York Giants (NL)Washington Senators (AL)4?1
1934St. Louis Cardinals (NL)Detroit Tigers (AL)4?3
1935Detroit Tigers (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?2
1936New York Yankees (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?2
1937New York Yankees (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?1
1938New York Yankees (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?0
1939New York Yankees (AL)Cincinnati Reds (NL)4?0
1940Cincinnati Reds (NL)Detroit Tigers (AL)4?3
1941New York Yankees (AL)Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)4?1
1942St. Louis Cardinals (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?1
1943New York Yankees (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?1
1944St. Louis Cardinals (NL)St. Louis Browns (AL)4?2
1945Detroit Tigers (AL)Chicago Cubs (NL)4?3
1946St. Louis Cardinals (NL)Boston Red Sox (AL)4?3
1947New York Yankees (AL)Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)4?3
1948Cleveland Indians (AL)Boston Braves (NL)4?2
1949New York Yankees (AL)Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)4?1
1950New York Yankees (AL)Philadelphia Phillies (NL)4?0
1951New York Yankees (AL)New York Giants (NL)4?2
1952New York Yankees (AL)Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)4?3
1953New York Yankees (AL)Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)4?2
1954New York Giants (NL)Cleveland Indians (AL)4?0
1955Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?3
1956New York Yankees (AL)Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)4?3
1957Milwaukee Braves (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?3
1958New York Yankees (AL)Milwaukee Braves (NL)4?3
1959Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)Chicago White Sox (AL)4?2
1960Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?3
1961New York Yankees (AL)Cincinnati Reds (NL)4?1
1962New York Yankees (AL)San Francisco Giants (NL)4?3
1963Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?0
1964St. Louis Cardinals (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?3
1965Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)Minnesota Twins (AL)4?3
1966Baltimore Orioles (AL)Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)4?0
1967St. Louis Cardinals (NL)Boston Red Sox (AL)4?3
1968Detroit Tigers (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?3
1969New York Mets (NL)Baltimore Orioles (AL)4?1
1970Baltimore Orioles (AL)Cincinnati Reds (NL)4?1
1971Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)Baltimore Orioles (AL)4?3
1972Oakland Athletics (AL)Cincinnati Reds (NL)4?3
1973Oakland Athletics (AL)New York Mets (NL)4?3
1974Oakland Athletics (AL)Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)4?1
1975Cincinnati Reds (NL)Boston Red Sox (AL)4?3
1976Cincinnati Reds (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?0
1977New York Yankees (AL)Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)4?2
1978New York Yankees (AL)Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)4?2
1979Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)Baltimore Orioles (AL)4?3
1980Philadelphia Phillies (NL)Kansas City Royals (AL)4?2
1981Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?2
1982St. Louis Cardinals (NL)Milwaukee Brewers (AL)4?3
1983Baltimore Orioles (AL)Philadelphia Phillies (NL)4?1
1984Detroit Tigers (AL)San Diego Padres (NL)4?1
1985Kansas City Royals (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?3
1986New York Mets (NL)Boston Red Sox (AL)4?3
1987Minnesota Twins (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?3
1988Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)Oakland Athletics (AL)4?1
1989Oakland Athletics (AL)San Francisco Giants (NL)4?0
1990Cincinnati Reds (NL)Oakland Athletics (AL)4?0
1991Minnesota Twins (AL)Atlanta Braves (NL)4?3
1992Toronto Blue Jays (AL)Atlanta Braves (NL)4?2
1993Toronto Blue Jays (AL)Philadelphia Phillies (NL)4?2
1994not held
1995Atlanta Braves (NL)Cleveland Indians (AL)4?2
1996New York Yankees (AL)Atlanta Braves (NL)4?2
1997Florida Marlins (NL)Cleveland Indians (AL)4?3
1998New York Yankees (AL)San Diego Padres (NL)4?0
1999New York Yankees (AL)Atlanta Braves (NL)4?0
2000New York Yankees (AL)New York Mets (NL)4?1
2001Arizona Diamondbacks (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?3
2002Anaheim Angels (AL)San Francisco Giants (NL)4?3
2003Florida Marlins (NL)New York Yankees (AL)4?2
2004Boston Red Sox (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?0
2005Chicago White Sox (AL)Houston Astros (NL)4?0
2006St. Louis Cardinals (NL)Detroit Tigers (AL)4?1
2007Boston Red Sox (AL)Colorado Rockies (NL)4?0
2008Philadelphia Phillies (NL)Tampa Bay Rays (AL)4?1
2009New York Yankees (AL)Philadelphia Phillies (NL)4?2
2010San Francisco Giants (NL)Texas Rangers (AL)4?1
2011St. Louis Cardinals (NL)Texas Rangers (AL)4?3
2012San Francisco Giants (NL)Detroit Tigers (AL)4?0
2013Boston Red Sox (AL)St. Louis Cardinals (NL)4?2
2014San Francisco Giants (NL)Kansas City Royals (AL)4?3
2015Kansas City Royals (AL)New York Mets (NL)4?1
2016Chicago Cubs (NL)Cleveland Indians (AL)4?3
2017Houston Astros (AL)Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)4?3
2018Boston Red Sox (AL)Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)4?1
2019Washington Nationals (NL)Houston Astros (AL)4?3
2020Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)Tampa Bay Rays (AL)4?2